Thursday, September 28, 2006

Stitch & Bitch

Doesn't this look fun!! My mom and I get together ( and some times little sis, who's learning how to knit), and have our very own "stitch and bitch". Or as we like to call it "stitch and watch" as we are usually watching a movie, not bitching. ( I said usually, not always, lest my brother and dad see this and say otherwise. :) ) We try to get together at least twice a week.

We ended up in the dining room this time, sometimes we are in the living room. It depends on what's going on. Sometimes it's morning, sometimes it's really, REALLY late. We always have a good time. We watch all kinds of movies. Our FAVORITE is LADIES IN LAVENDER. We also like to watch CHOCOLATE, MEET JOE BLACK, AUTUMN IN NEW YORK, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE (A&E) , YOU'VE GOT MAIL, etc.,etc. This time we were watching AN AMERICAN IN PARIS, and PERSUASION by Jane Austen. She is my favorite author, all her books are just wonderful, and they make excellent movies. We usually use this time to watch "chick flicks" so that we don't bore our boys. We most recently watched OUT OF AFRICA, and it's very good. Meryl Streep is one of my MOST favorite actresses.

We always have our fav books laying around, even if we aren't using them, they are good inspiration. We also use this time to look through new books and plan our yarn shopping!! The books of the day were WEEKEND KNITTING, and KNITTED BABES, which I am currently using. My mom always has lots of ELIZABETH ZIMMERMANN books close at hand.

And of course we always have our most recent knitting projects and our TEA!!!! Sometimes if we are being really bad we will have some "treats". Sometime if we are being really good we will have my famous coconut macaroons. I'll post pictures later of me making them. I got the recipe from the book PURE FOOD AND WINE. It's one of the "Cook" books I go to most often. Well, off to make more macoroons, and another stitch and bitch!! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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