Saturday, September 23, 2006

Knitters Tea Swap

I'm sooooooo excited to be doing the KTS!! I have my pal and I'm ready to shop. I'm including some more pics of my cups and the sweeteners I use, if I use any. Mom and I love to vintage shop for "shabby chic" cups that look pretty. I love that they don't match, but coordinate. I LOVEEEEE dark chocolate, and shortbread cookies (but I only have shortbread once in a blue moon). Especially the really simple buttery ones like Walker's brand. You can really taste the butter in them. I like any kind of tea, but I have to be careful not to drink too much black tea. As much as I love it, I get the gitters and look like a "druggie"! ( it's actually quite funny for everyone else to watch!). Caffeine never used to bother me, until I quit drinking coffee, now I can tell when I've had too much, as can everyone else. I love to drink any herbal tea, it's sooo good and really clean tasting. I can drink herbal tea all day, and never get sick of it (and many days I do). My Grandma found out how much tea mom and I drink and she bought us an electric water heater. It's awesome!! It heats the water so fast, and has a very pleasant little "ding" when it's done. It even has a light and a viewing window on the lid so you can watch the water while it heats up ( ok, I'm very easily amused!! ) I love the color purple, but I also love the colors tan, white, black, gray and red, especially when they are all together. They look so chic. I noticed that vogue knitting had some nice "gray" patterns this season. My favorite yarn is Rowan, but I also love ANY of the Manos del Uraguay yarns and the Noro yarns. I love all yarn. I heard about some "Organic" wool yarn, and have been wanting to go check it out, as I'm into all that healthy granola-ee stuff. ( I'm kind-of a health freak) Well happy swapping everyone!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Definately go and check out the new O~Wool Classic yarn, made with certified organic wool - it is truly a beautiful yarn! You can see it at, and ORGANIC to boot!!