Tuesday, June 02, 2009

où êtes-vous ?

OK, So what a loser blogger am I? HA! I need to blog more often. I should put myself on ice cream restriction until more blogging occurs! So, since last December what's happened?
Another Nutcracker:

Some knitting (although, not nearly enough, and I have the neurosis and HUGE yarn stash to prove it):

Saw some good movies. Some at home, some not (Truffle did too) :

Had lots of dinners (at home and some in NY, ATL, etc.) with people I love:

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. We sold our house and moved (bad timing, I know). But, we are happily settled (for now anyway) I am sure lots more has happened, but, I'll save some for later.

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Anonymous said...

Sister... you haven't posted in a long while. (either)